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With our powerful omnichannel inbox, you can manage all customer interactions in one place. The ultimate solution for streamlining your customer engagement process and increasing revenue.

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chatlyn's omnichannel inbox already benefits many companies.

Simplify your customer communication


Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple platforms and inboxes

chatlyn makes it easy to keep up with your customers’ needs. Our unified inbox feature consolidates all your communications so you can easily delegate issues to other departments or teams. You’ll have complete control over your communications, saving valuable time and making your employees more organized and efficient.

Automate repetitive customer inquiries

Automate answers to repetitive customer inquiries with our AI-powered message tool

chatlyn’s AI-powered message automation feature automates repetitive customer inquiries, making FAQs easily accessible and reducing the time your team spends on general inquiries. This not only creates a better experience for your customers, but also frees up your agents to focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Get insights on customer behavior

Gain valuable insight into customer behavior with chatlyn’s detailed analytics and reports

With chatlyn’s detailed analytics and reports, you can gain valuable insight into customer behavior and make data-driven decisions. And with our easy-to-use interface, you can keep track of all customer inquiries, respond quickly, and create a great customer experience from the first moment they interact with your brand.

Engage customers harmoniously

Build a symphony of customer engagement with chatlyn

Create greater customer engagement with chatlyn. By having an overall view of all communications with each customer, you gain more control over the customer journey. You can reduce your response rate, save time and effort, and create higher levels of engagement with your customers.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing software and apps

The puzzle piece that seamlessly fits into your existing software, apps, and platforms.

Our platform integrates with a number of industries’ software, apps, and platforms, ensuring that you can make the most of your marketing and communication tools. With chatlyn, you can access the most relevant data in less time, becoming more productive and optimizing your customer communications.

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